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December 22, 2004



Having no prior knowledge of the Phantom of the Opera, I daresay that this movie was amazing. I knew nothing of a plot, what it was about, anything until I saw that movie. I left that movie absolutely breathless. I agree, though, that I found that the lipsyncing did throw me off when the music was playing but the lips weren't moving, or when they were supposed to be singing and were lacking the emotion felt in the track/were off by a few seconds. Other than that, it was superb for me. I went out and bought the soundtrack straight after the movie. And I thought Emmy was breathtaking. All in all, even though I am a naive movie-musical lover, I give this movie five million thumbs up.


There was much to enjoy in this movie, and I'm certainly glad that someone new has come to like the story and the music. Webber & co. have come the closest to the original story, which is a love story, not horror. I strongly suggest that you find a copy of the original book (or rather, an English translation if your French isn't up to it.) You can find it at Amazon.com.


well, i saw the movie before i really got to know the theatre production. I wasn't impressed although im a huge Lloyd Webber fan and after hearing the origianl soundtrack i have to say i prefer that. I think Gerard Butler has a nice, deep voice but he lacks the subtlety and range of Crawford. Rossum also has real talent and although i dont care much for Sarah Brightman she had a wider vocal spectrum than Rossum. I'm very interested in set design and was impressed by the decadence and complexity of it - but some of it could have been more atmospheric and brooding - like the underground lair the phantom lives in. The music i cant find a justified fault in - its beautiful. The film was entertaining and so served its purpose there, but it was unwilling to stray away much from the theatre production and yet did not try to better it for film.

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